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Red coral color is darker, the higher

Le 21 janvier 2014, 15:16 dans Humeurs 0

As Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet jewelry industry diversified development, coral was welcomed by the market. Industry insiders believe, less and less as the number of Red coral mining, coral ornaments appreciation potential in the future to look forward to.

Antique auction in an international auction house in New York last month, in late Sing dynasty of China-made pipe coral and coral jewelry box for $ 36,000 and 70,000 dollars were sold for high prices.

In the current market, only the Red coral collection, white number and poor quality of coral, coral, purple and green coral tarry not high, rarely used for collection.

Market in Guangzhou, coral, price was pulled wide apart, high price of complete natural coral ornaments, or incomplete dyed coral jewelry low prices, and even natural coral, General and high-end products price can also vary greatly among several times.

In places such as Payne city, reporters found that not many pure natural coral complete sales, prices from 5,000 RMB ~20 million. Size, color, quality, process was decided to value an important criterion of coral. Darker coral more valuable, natural red coral price is generally two to four times natural pink coral, Nice deep red coral red coral 2~5 times the price.

Coral jeweler wholesale prices very cheap, coral necklace, coral bracelet wholesale prices are generally less than 100. Guangzhou Bureau of geology testing Center Director Xian Xenia said: "the integrity and natural coral is the most important factor in determining its value, used for Tiffany Outlet Jewelry coral is coral debris, basic processing and staining, relatively low prices. ”

Collection guides

Coral is not stable and not suitable for long term performance collection

In addition to the identification standard of integrity, natural, size is coral price is the most important basis for decision. Corals grow in size, its price showed constant geometric growth trend. Plant height 15 cm, 20 cm wide natural red coral, prices generally ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars you can buy, and plant height 30 cm, width 40 cm, red coral, can sell for more than 100,000 Yuan.

Gang Hour Shiny jewelry firms is also coral collectors for many years, in his view, coral collection must be split in two. First, the composition of corals is the inconsistent performance of carbonates, and pearls are very similar, is not suitable for many years stored, generally live less than a century. However, due to the national environmental protection policy may now be less and less number of coral mining, so their future appreciation of the existing products is still very large.

In his view, the collection of coral midlife of investments appropriate for three or four years. In addition to antiques, most jewelry coral only consumption values, if the expected future appreciation, it is best to purchase the full coral ornaments.

Identification method

Syndrome differentiation of cotton swabs dipped in alcohol stain

Community coral reef mainly requires identification of natural and dyed coral reef. Method is very simple, with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the coral surface if fading phenomenon, or dyed coral. At the same time, natural coral has a natural fine oblique transverse textures, lines and irregular, scattered, and the manual processing of coral show a uniform texture. Furthermore, the natural corals tend to have natural blemishes, such as small white dots and small black spots, small spots, scattered randomly, cheating is hard to make a likeness in spots.

However, there are two kinds of superb fake technology on the market. From ancient Tibet mining coral fossils in staining, white coral is a quality higher depth coloring. With the naked eye with the alcohol wipe methods can't be verified, recommendations are sent to the Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator Sunglasses Outlet professional appraisal organ differentiation.

Grandma green jade

Le 20 janvier 2014, 13:09 dans Humeurs 0

A few days ago, a friend in Shenzhen with two green ore shuttles arrived in Guangzhou, allowing reporters to identify the emerald or jade. This charming two ore although the color green, but the hardness, internal structure and so and emeralds, jade different. Emerald , which enjoys the "king of emerald " reputation of Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet gemstone jewelry since ancient times by Westerners , especially Europeans alike. However , perhaps because of differences between Chinese and Western cultures , the degree of emerald favored in China have so far not comparable jade moist and subtle , and even some of its muddle , to confuse those who are not jade and emerald rare .

In fact , with diamonds, rubies , sapphires and said the world's four famous emerald gem beryl family is the most " noble" one, which concentrated nature of the most breathtaking touch of green , to give people time to wear youthful , energetic sense of upward . Emerald is not only expensive, but also a profound cultural connotations, loyalty, kindness and goodness symbol.

Emerald and jade no essential relationship

For a long time, some people have been confused with the emerald and jade, as enjoy the “king of emerald " reputation of emerald color is gorgeous, dazzling, and most emerald green color, it is best to gem varieties and four green tones (emerald, seeding grass green, apple green and green), there are emerald green jade. However, this is just a habit; it is called - in addition to similar colors, no relationship grandmother emerald green jade with real nature.

“Emerald” The name originated in ancient Persian "Sutured", meaning “green stone”, the ancient Greeks called “shining jewel”, evolved after the Latin "Asparagus". Around the 16th century AD, emerald with today's English name "Emerald". From the physical and chemical properties of speaking, emeralds are beryl family, beryl family is the most “noble" one, is a hexagonal crystal form is hexagonal single column, mostly rectangular pillar; collection of grainy, massive and so on. Chemical name is beryllium aluminum silicate emerald (Be3AL2Si6O18), because it contains trace amounts of chromium and showing a beautiful emerald green crystal brilliant, so shiny glass, transparent to translucent. Emerald refractive index 1.564 ~ 1.602 , birefringence of 0.005 to 0.009 , multicolor obvious, non- homogeneous body , natural emerald hardness of 7.5 to 8, and a density of 2.63 to 2.90 g / cc , cleavage does not completely , concordat fracture , with brittleness.

Emerald is a long history of Tiffany Outlet Jewelry. Emerald value is very expensive, which makes it a little diamond, ruby, sapphire and said the world's four famous gems , more to the international jewelry industry as the May birthstone .

It should be noted : Emerald is the quality emerald , emerald , but not only is the emerald, except emerald , aquamarine , the other colored gem emerald beryl collectively referred to as members include : emerald green , and blue color emerald, emerald red , pink emerald , emerald water tank , star color emerald , gold emerald, purple emerald, pure emerald , aquamarine, yellow and green stones, dark brown emerald .

Colombian emeralds best quality

Emerald was discovered at more than 4,000 years ago in Egypt Red Sea West Bank areas in the upper reaches of the Nile, now also the world's oldest tunnels and mining relics. Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator Sunglasses Outlet scholar research confirmed that at that time is now on the West coast of the Red Sea in Egypt and the Arab region, which is rich in Emerald once.

Crystal health feature? Rosso

Le 18 janvier 2014, 10:32 dans Humeurs 0

Summer season is the highest in a year; the body's metabolism is very strong. People are very susceptible to the effects of the hot summer temperatures, the physiological functions of the body and appetite changes. Then, in the hot summer months, how should we adjust your physical state? Especially prepared for you today the best summer health knowledge, get you healthy and happy through this summer.

Looks very cool, crystal clear, Crystal jewelry is now subject to a lot of people like it. Walking in the bustling commercial center of the city can be seen everywhere selling Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet Jewelry boutiques. This Crystal wind was so fierce that in addition to the beauty of the Crystal it is crystal clear, the merchant claiming amazing health benefits and extraordinary energy is also an important factor in consumer buying. Resellers say Crystal has a great energy and magnetic fields, illnesses and ward off evil, free of negative energy in your body; or Crystal health to benefit the reproductive organs and related systems, treatment of gonorrheal in female. Facts such as businessmen have said Crystal is a magical effect?

Many Crystal health cares there are no scientific basis for it!

In fact, these claims and has no scientific basis. Natural Crystal is a type of naturally occurring high purity quartz ore, was dominated by silicon dioxide, due to the presence of other metal ions, so will show a variety of colors, a common white Crystal, Amethyst, citrine, citrine, Crystal, etc.

It is often said that Crystal has a magnetic effect, refers to the "piezoelectric effect", that is, slice off a piece of Crystal wafers and put pressure on it after, the chip's two sides can produce a magnetic field, overseas also has clinics use Crystal effects to patient treatment. However, the Crystal is in a normal State which cannot be, and the magnetic fields on the human body will produce what is beneficial or harmful effects, the current findings are not very precise.

At the same time people also have Tiffany Outlet Jewelry would produce a certain concentration, light function, when a point is when the optical axis stimulation to the body, can produce some physical effect.

Also known as long-term wear a quartz crystal which contains iron, copper, manganese, nickel, diamonds, titanium, zinc, selenium, and other trace elements can get by with the body's regular friction will immerse into the body, such as sweat glands along the pores and promote balance of trace elements in the body, for greater coherence in various parts of the body.

But actually wearing the Crystal alone does not produce any of the above effects, so-called optical axis to the stimulation of outpoints of the human body is very weak, and trace elements are also cannot enter the body by sweat glands in the Crystal, so these claims have no scientific basis. China's famous ancient physician Li Shenzhen in the preparation of the compendium of Material Medical records: "Crystal sweet, slightly warm, non-toxic." Crystal healing using mainly cold features, for example, grind joined eye drops can be cool to warm.

Consumers purchasing a Crystal to keep your eyes peeled

Many consumers buy Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator Sunglasses at the Outlet, it is best to take a look at whether the Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator Sunglasses Outlet "quality standard certification" because often some in the market as businesses struggled to shoddy, often dyed, heat, radiation, and other methods to change color, and the color, quality and Crystal cleaning, colorless Crystal into scudding, purple, yellow and other high grade crystals. The radioactive crystals contain radioactive elements will continue to decay, Crystal the wearer's body have a potential health hazard.

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